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I’ll reblog this in the morning, when Australia is actually awake, but…

I collaborated with some fellow political tragics on this info-thing about the Abbott government’s proposed changes to Medicare and the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, based on this study from the University of Sydney (PDF).

There’s also a single-image version, on my website.

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"I guess our country owes its existence to a form of foreign investment by the British government in the then unsettled or, um, scarcely settled, Great South Land." - Tony Abbott. There were 750,000 Indigenous people at the time of invasion. 250-750 Indigenous languages and dialects. It was a people whose history and connection to the land spanned over 40.000+ years. What happened was not a settlement of uninhabited land. It was an invasion. (via progressiveauspol)

There is an upsetting issue that I seek your help with.
Lillian’s, a youth refuge that supports me, may be forced to shut down after its funding was cut. It’s the case with all independent refuges in inner west Sydney. This literally means teenagers as young as 14 would now be forced to choose between enduring daily violence in their homes or sleeping rough on the streets.
We’re fighting to reinstate funding, and I hope you will sign and share the petition in the following link:
Thanks for your support!

Broken promise? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Abbott’s transformation is complete!Courtesy of @TheAviator1992

Abbott’s transformation is complete!
Courtesy of @TheAviator1992



I’ve got quite a few new followers since the budget fiasco and I would just like to remind everyone that I would LOVE for you to put your stories and opinions in my ask box or send me a link to your posts about anything related to auspol. I also get quite a few anons asking why they should vote labor and whats wrong with the liberals plans so if you’d like to give your opinion to them on these topics please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

You recently stated that "Australia has the second lowest public debt among developed countries." Although this may be true, we also have smaller population in comparison to other countries. So what I want to know is, in accordance to our current population, what is the amount of debt per capita? What I'm trying to say is: you can't accurately compare the debt of countries with vastly different populations. It's blatantly obvious that we will have less debt due to our low population.

Although I think Public Debt is usually measured as either Debt to GDP or Debt per capita to make it meaningful (especially from a source like Bloomberg), I will take your point as valid and provide you with some more information :)

"with debt to GDP ratio peak approximately at 27 per cent earlier this financial year, we still have a fair way to catch up on the likes of Germany (81 per cent), the United Kingdom (89 per cent), the United States (100 per cent) and Japan (219 per cent). As if that wasn’t enough, even New Zealand beats Australia in government debt, with a debt to GDP ratio of 37 per cent "(x)

"Far from it. Commonwealth net debt is about 11% of GDP, the third lowest in the OECD (the average is 50%), and low by historical standards".(x)

We’re 22nd highest in terms of Public Debt per Person. You should also take notice some countries are not part of the OECD (x)

"3rd lowest public debt. Ninth highest Economic Growth. One of 11/141 countries with a triple A credit rating. No Debt crisis" (x)

Pretty bar graph of public debt as a percentage of GDP to drive everything home (x)



What's your opinion on Tony Abbott's new initiative to use tax payers money to send anti-gay chaplains to public schools?


I’ll start off by saying that at this point, it should be fairly common knowledge that I consider Tony Abbott to be lower than pond scum. I’m constantly disgusted by his words and his actions, and I am appalled that so many people voted for him and his party.

Now, regarding this particular aspect of the proposed budget.

Obviously, when I first caught wind of this I was horrified.

GSRM teens are already at a higher risk for depression than their peers. They are more likely to have been bullied and more likely to feel the repercussions of harmful attitudes. So if something like this is allowed to happen? If bigoted groups are the ones receiving this funding and sending chaplains out to public schools? It is going to hurt young people.

Worse than that, it is going to hurt young people who are already struggling enough to have sought out the help of a school counsellor.

This would potentially put teenagers who need a trustworthy, respectful and empathetic adult’s assistance into the hands of those who see them not as people, but as problems to be solved. And that is not okay.

Most places I’ve seen discussion of this have listed two particular groups (ACCESS Ministries and Your Dream Incorporated) as being the probable sources of these anti-gay chaplains.

I was unable to find any statement for Your Dream Incorporated, or even anything that showed why they’d been labelled anti-gay in the first place, so I can’t reasonably comment on them.

ACCESS Ministries. however, seem to have publicly rejected this by saying they “do not stray into areas of sexuality” and “none of our approved material mentions this subject.”

Yet this comes immediately after the disclaimer that they represent twelve mainstream churches “who all hold their own views on the matter of homosexuality.”

So despite their claim that they are not actively “anti-gay”, this still raises red flags—if a student is struggling with issues of gender or sexual identity, will they be denied help when they seek it? What if the chaplain they’ve been sent to is from one of those twelve churches that has a negative view on anyone who isn’t a cisgendered heterosexual? What then?

Because honestly, if there is some spin that can be put on denying a teenager help with GSRM issues that doesn’t equate to bullying or discrimination, I’d love to hear about it.

And here’s the thing.

Even if these groups are not in any way bigoted toward the queer community, they are still religious groups with their own beliefs, and therefore should not be the sole providers of counselling for teenagers in public schools in a secular society.

There is nothing wrong with someone seeking help from a chaplain of their faith; and unless I’m wildly mistaken, anyone who is a practising member of a faith most likely has access to a leader of some sort within their community.

But what young people need is access to non-judgemental, impartial and trustworthy counsellors, and in a public school setting those counsellors should no have any ties to ANY religious organisation of ANY faith or denomination.

Hiring chaplains from a single faith enforces a kind of quiet discrimination that is just as harmful to those who need help as any other.

I’ve added my signature to this campaign. Not because I’m buying into the knee-jerk reaction of it’s-got-religious-ties-so-it-must-be-phobic, but because the possibility exists, and it’s a strong one.

As long as there’s the possibility that kids are going to be put in harms way, we need to be vigilant. And to do that we need the issue to be visible to the general public, which means it needs to be discussed by the mainstream media and made a priority by politicians.

If nothing else, this campaign can do that. If you haven’t yet done so, I encourage you to sign it.